Generational tyranny?

The future is bleak, depending on where you are from or where you are going, according to a Mori survey.  Only the Chinese, young and old, had a majority believing that the younger generations will have a better quality of  life than the one they had. The majority of participants, in all other countries surveyed believe that the quality of life would be worse for the young; what is telling is the increase in disparity between the two age groups from the more developed the economies. The OECD commented on how destabilising this might be for an economy and it begs  the question how this will be redressed by governments?  Retirement ages are being increased yet the dependency ratio is increasing.  If you feel that your prospects are limited or have been sabotaged by a generation that is living a more comfortable life than the one you will ever have, at your expense, how will you react?  Will you be spurned on to prove your worth or accept your lot?

hopeful        the data


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