How unequal IS the US economy?

This video shows quite clearly and simply how massive the gap is between the top earners and the lower income groups in the U.S.A. Quite informative if I say so myself



2 thoughts on “How unequal IS the US economy?

  1. So what sort of system should we have? I’ve heard plenty about how horrible the system is, but barely anything about what should be done. Socialism? That would leave all Americans dumbfounded. Somewhere in between? Sure, but whose going to convince the top 1%, since they have the majority of the “power”; or do they? – Krish

  2. Can you argue that there are only variations of one system? There are two extreme methods of how to allocate resources and then there are all the rest lying somewhere in between. Is there evidence to support that unequal distribution of income and wealth leads to less societal utility? Is there evidence to support the view that a system that incorporates less income inequality is less dysfunctional? Aren’t these variations of a similar system?

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